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Meet Elizabeth

I was born in North Platte and graduated from NPHS.  I graduated from UNL with a teaching degree and hold a current 7-12 certificate in English.  I taught for three years in the North Platte School District and earned a Master's of Science in Education with a focus on curriculum and instruction.  After the birth of our first child, I chose to stay home for three years and then I returned to the classroom.  However, during that year of teaching, my husband and I discovered that having a stay-at-home mom was best for our family so I returned home the following year.  
We have five college and school age children.  My husband, who is the IT Director for North Platte Public Schools, and I believe that each child's educational needs are unique and may be best addressed in a variety of ways through public, private, or homeschool environments. Our family has chosen to homeschool our children through the eighth grade at which point, they entered North Platte High School. 
Our two oldest children attended public school starting in ninth grade and have both graduated from North Plate Senior High. Our third child started high school in the fall of 2021.  Our other two children remain at home with me in preschool and first grade. 
I have always been a registered Republican and am conservative in my values.  However, the task of mothering and schooling our family of five left me with very little time to focus on what was occurring politically.  The current situation in our nation has been a wake up call. I realized that I must become more active in order to preserve the American way of life and the values our country was founded upon.  Representing the seventh district on the Nebraska Board of Education will allow me to utilize my education and real life experiences as well as weigh in on current decisions as a parent whose children are directly impacted by the decisions the State Board of Education makes.

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